Damana Gentle Solid Soap 30g – fast tvål med olivolja

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Damana Gentle Solid Soap 30g – fast tvål med olivolja.

Olive oil (Olea europaea). A symbol of Mediterranean culture, olive oil has been used since ancient times in beauty rituals, and by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, for its therapeutic properties.

DAMANA® är en komplett serie som har skapats genom att anta urgamla kunskaper om örtberikande. Serien är inspirerad av solen, jorden och medelhavsklimatet som i sin tur har påverkat mångfalden av växterna varifrån örterna kommer.

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Gentle soap with nourishing extracts of olive oil (Olea europaea).

Symbolic of the Mediterranean, olives have been used since the time of Hippocrates, “Father of Medicine”, for their healing qualities. The fruit from this tree symbolises, fertility and wisdom, producing a rich oil with nutritious properties.

Simplicity, authenticity and happiness are the key elements in the creation of DAMANA®.

The earth provides us with a variety of plants, which naturally contain beneficial substances. This knowledge, passed from generation to generation, is the very essence of DAMANA®.

Inspired by traditional methods, DAMANA® is a range of products enriched with herbal extracts and subtle perfumes with natural scents, rejoicing in the earth and the sun for the well-being of your clients.
• No colouring agents
• No paraben
• No silicone
• No GMO’s
• No animal derived ingredients
• Not tested on animals
• Dermatologically tested

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